How Apps Are Making Life More Fun

If you can think of any kind of task or service, there’s probably an app for it. Mobile apps are becoming part of our daily lives yet we tend to take them for granted, just how much they’re doing. From doing your job to passing time on the bus; apps bring pleasure to our lives. We’ve got so used to using apps that we don’t realize the fun and ease they’re bringing to previously mundane tasks. It sounds silly, but it’s true!  So let’s look further into how apps are making life more fun…


Mobile Games Help Us Pass The Time

The majority of people will experience mobile apps as mobile games. Do you remember when the first apps were released on smartphones? Almost all of them were fun games that you could play to pass the time. Now, mobile gaming is better than it’s ever been. You can now sit on the train and play Call of Duty or keep boredom at bay with Candy Crush.

It makes boring parts of your life way more enjoyable. You probably used to hate getting a 30-minute train to work every morning, but now you weirdly look forward to it. Why? Because it’s a chance to get some gaming in on your phone thanks to the many mobile apps out there. Whenever you have time to kill, mobile games are there to help you out. It means there’s little excuse for feeling bored any more.


Apps Make Education More Enjoyable

Let’s be honest, it can be hard to make education engaging and fun. Kids don’t always enjoy learning – and neither do adults. Still, it’s something you have to do if you want to progress in life. Thankfully, apps are making education way more fun. There are mobile apps that make maths exciting by adding a gamification element to things. Instead of staring at numbers and equations on a page, kids get to play fun games that help them learn things like addition, subtraction, etc.

It’s the same for adults too; adult learning is much easier to enjoy because of apps. Take Duolingo, for example. This app has made learning languages so much more fun for everyone. Now, you can literally take your phone out of your pocket and spend 10 minutes a day learning a language. It certainly beats pouring through textbooks or listening to lectures. You learn in a way that’s easier to take in because it’s in short bursts.


Mobile Apps Make Our Jobs Easier

Put your hands up if you use a mobile app for any aspect of your job. There should be lots of hands flying in the air as mobile work apps are increasingly common. You have apps that help you manage your payslips every month or speak to HR. There are apps that allow workers to book time off or see when other people at work are on annual leave. You can do loads of little tasks that used to be quite complicated or drawn out, but they’re much easier to complete thanks to the app.

Then, you’ve got certain industries or careers that rely on apps to make worker’s everyday lives easier. Look at something like BuildOps HVAC software for field technicians. People working on HVAC repairs or maintenance can now see customer data via an app, get signatures, take payments, and manage everything in one place. When they get back to the office, all the data is there on their computer too, so it makes life more productive. The same goes for self-employed contractors – like plumbers. They can use mobile apps to take bookings from clients and to accept payments after finishing jobs.

It will blow you away when you realize just how much easier and more enjoyable jobs are becoming because of simple apps. They’re making large and small changes that we perhaps don’t truly appreciate because we’ve got so used to them!


Smart Apps Make Simple Home Tasks Exciting

Answer this next question honestly: have you ever been excited about turning off lights in your home? If any of you answer “yes”, I guarantee it’s because you’re using a smart app!

There are lots of smart devices you can have around the home – such as smart lightbulbs, smart kettles, or smart switches. They connect via Bluetooth or a wireless connection to your phone. From here, you download a partner app that lets you control the device. Apps are automating large areas of our homes and changing the way we live.

You’re lying in bed getting ready to sleep, but you see a light on in the hallway. It’s so comfy in bed and you can’t be bothered to get up. Wait a minute! The bulb is connected to an app on your phone. Instead of disrupting your cosiness, you simply open the app and switch off the light. It makes things way more convenient – but you can have a lot of fun too. Smart bulbs can be dimmed or switched to different colours, so you can walk into a room and have a pink light shining everywhere.

Smart switches or plugs are even better – you can connect them to virtually any device, turning them into a smart one. If you want to turn the TV on or off from another room, you can do so using smart plugs and the app on your phone. Simple daily tasks have stopped being tiresome and are now actually fun to do.

As you can see, mobile apps are taking over our lives and making everything more fun. The cool thing is, that app technology is getting more and more advanced every year. We’re seeing a rise in AR or VR mobile apps that could make things even better in the future. It’s funny how quickly we got used to using apps to the point that we don’t realize how exciting they’re making our lives. If there’s anything in your life that gives you grief or you find boring, maybe you should see if there’s an app that can make it better!


Image via Unsplash (CC0 License)

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