Understanding Gaming Terminology

Understanding Gaming Terminology

If you have children who love gaming, the terminology and language can be confusing unless you are also a gamer.  If you want to know what your kids are talking about when they talk about games, here is some gaming terminology explained, to help your understanding:

Understanding Gaming Terminology

Easter Eggs

This term has been around for some time, it simply means that the programmers have hidden features and don’t mention them in the marketing of the game.  The players know they’re there and love to search and find them.

Triple AAA

When a game has a big money backer and praise from all sides – from gamers to gaming writers, it’s considered to be Triple-A or Triple AAA.  This is a suitable designation because it means the game has widespread appeal.


You’ve probably heard this when you think of going to work and grinding, meaning working hard.  To grind in a game says that you are trying to raise your points or achieve a new level in a game, by tackling one aspect of the game to learn more.

Understanding Gaming Terminology


When a game has been released too soon (and even if it hasn’t been), it sometimes still has “bugs” which cause it to malfunction.  This usually leads to your characters’ death or makes it harder to play the game until the bugs are overcome.


This means ‘downloadable content’ that can be purchased and downloaded from the internet after you purchase the software to play the game.  It can be bonus content, or it may be for additional money.

Massively Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Game (MMORPG)

This term refers to an online game where you take on a role or character and can play with others online.

Understanding Gaming Terminology

Noob or Noobie

This simply means that someone is a new player without a lot of skill and experience.  They may ask basic questions that experienced players like to make fun of.


This is a term that means the person who has been pawned (sometimes abbreviated as pwned) or owned, has been dominated or beaten very convincingly.

Google is a great resource for learning gaming terminology.  A simple search will normally reveal the answers.  This will enable you to learn the terms precisely for any particular game.  If your child is very involved in a game, it’s important to learn those terms so that you can talk to them about their gaming experiences, without confusion.  The main thing is to learn the terms, withhold judgment and try to talk to your child about what it all means to them.


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