The Positive Effects of Gaming

The Positive Effects of Gaming

There is so much negative news about gaming today that many parents are unaware that there are many positive effects of gaming on children too.  If you are worried about the potential harm from video games, that’s good – that means you’re paying attention but please understand that there are many good things about video games as well.  So what are the positive effects of gaming?

The Positive Effects of Gaming

Improves Concentration Ability

Most gamers learn to concentrate, to block out the outside world to get a higher score.  This ability can translate into being able to study even when there is noise and other distractions and learning to focus, no matter what is going on around them.

Improves Critical Thinking Ability

When you need to analyse your moves to stay alive or to build something logically during a game, it helps develop critical thinking skills.  You learn that doing ‘A’ causes ‘B’ and so forth.  That can translate into real-life situations.

Improves Decision Making and Memory Skills

Playing a game and then repeating the process based on what you learned before, is a great way to improve decision-making and memory skills. The experience of making choices, including the wrong ones, provides great exercise for the brain, and over time improves these skills.

Improves Goal Setting Skills

Reaching a goal requires the ability to first set goals and then follow through with the plan.  Gaming helps kids practice this skill as they set up a strategy, to get to the next level of the game.

Improves Hand Eye Coordination

As they say, practice makes perfect.  Whenever you use something a lot, it gets better and that includes hand-to-eye coordination, necessary in gaming.  Military officials like hiring experienced gamers for this reason.

The Positive Effects of Gaming

Improves Health Outlook

Naturally, you are probably thinking that this cannot be true.  However, kids who are ill already, such as having cancer or other illnesses, can benefit.   By being able to play with others they generally experience better health, through gaming, due to a better mental outlook.

Improves Motor Skills

The skills used in gaming are often considered fine motor skills.  That simply means that they can use their finger and thumb together to accomplish a task.  Gaming greatly improves these skills.

Improves Problem-Solving Skills

Games put problems right in front of the gamer to solve.  When playing the game, they need to figure things out, resolve conflicts, overcome roadblocks and make decisions to be successful.  The experience of solving a problem and getting a reward, by moving up a level or getting points or obtaining something of value, really helps increase those types of skills.

The Positive Effects of Gaming

Improves Social Skills

It might seem like this is not true, but otherwise, introverted kids that in previous generations would be stuck in their room reading books, are now actually socialising with their friends through gaming.

Improves the Ability to Work in Teams

Many games are team-focused, so your child can get accustomed to working in groups in the game.  This is a great skill to develop productive relationships into adulthood.

Of course, every single benefit and positive effect of gaming is best achieved if parents are involved.  It’s important to talk openly with kids.  Pay attention to the games being played, and note the game ratings, limits and parental involvement.  Encourage them to play some educational kids’ games appropriate for their age.  This will help improve the positive effects experienced while gaming.

Who knows, if your child is really passionate about gaming and able to continue developing their skills, they could get a lucrative career in the games industry.


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